Democrats want citizenship for 11 MILLION illegal immigrants… so they can stuff the ballot box for socialism. Worse, they’re trying to do it in secret.

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TO: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer

FROM: The Undersigned

Dear Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer,

I am writing to you to demand you abandon plans to offer citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants through budget reconciliation.

Immigration is too important an issue to be buried inside a much larger bill, and the American people deserve to know, debate, and discuss any immigration reform.

Worse, American citizens are being put in danger due to a failed border crisis, which has brought record numbers of illegal immigrants streaming across our border without proper screening or vetting.

I hope you’ll stand up with the American people instead of against them. Sweeping immigration policies don’t belong in budget reconciliation.

 Let’s work together to make sure that we continue to protect the American people and screen immigrants who come into our country instead of leaving our border open during a pandemic.


Thank you for your consideration,

The Undersigned